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OK. 2022 is now in the rearview mirror, and a new year has begun. Before waving goodbye to the year, though, today’s Lost Music Saloon will take a look back at the music of 2022, and bring you what I’ll call “Saloon Fave Songs” – – songs that: (1) I particularly enjoyed; and (2) that at least arguably fall under the big-umbrella “Saloon Sound” (Americana/alt-country/roots rock/modern folk/singer-songwriters with varying degrees of twang/etc). Because there was so much good music released in 2022, I’ll do another two hours worth of fave songs next week as well. And just for the heckuvit, my fave 25 albums of 2022 are:

1. Willi Carlisle: Peculiar, Missouri
2. American Aquarium: Chicamacomico
3. Aaron Ratiere: Single Wide Dreamer
4. Adeem the Artist: White Trash Revelry
5. Sarah McCullogh: Sawmiller’s Daughter
6. Will Hoge: Wings On My Shoes
7. Orville Peck: Bronco
8. Stephen McCarthy & Carol Olson: Night Comes Falling
9. Jefferson Ross: Southern Currency
10. Wilco: Cruel Country
Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters: The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
Goose: Dripfield
Sunny Sweeney: Married Alone
Nikki Lane: Denim & Diamonds
Plains: I Walked With You a Ways
Melissa Carper: Ramblin’ Soul
Paisley Fields: Limp Wrist
49 Winchester: Fortune Favors the Bold
Flatland Cavalry: Songs To Keep You Warm EP
Sarah Shook & the Disarmers: Nightroamer
Lee Bains + the Glory Fires: Old-Times Folks
Chris Canterbury: Quaalude Lullabies
Charley Crockett: The Man From Waco
Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway: Crooked Tree
Maple Run Band: Used To Be the Next Big Thing

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: January 2, 2023: 5-7 p.m.: Faves of 2022, Pt. 1

Fantastic Cat: C’mon Armageddon: The Very Best of Fantastic Cat
Willi Carlisle: Tulsa’s Last Magician: Peculiar, Missouri
Sarah McCulloch: Sawmiller’s Daughter: Sawmiller’s Daughter
American Aquarium: Chicamacomico: Chicamacomico

Aaron Raitiere: At Least We Didn’t Have Any Kids: Single Wide Dreamer
Adeem the Artist: Carolina: White Trash Revelry
Jefferson Ross: Alabama Is A Winding Road: Southern Currency
Will Hoge: Ain’t How It Used To Be: Wings On My Shoes

Wilco: Country Song Upside-Down: Cruel Country
Orville Peck: The Curse of the Blackened Eye: Bronco
Stephen McCarthy & Carla Olson: We Gotta Split This Town: Night Comes Falling
49 Winchester: Russell County Line: Fortune Favors the Bold

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway (w/Billy Strings): Dooley’s Farm: Crooked Tree
Jack Shannon: When The Red Shows Through: The Bloomingdale Boys
Kimberly Morgan York: Three Chances: Keep On Goin’
Rattlesnake Milk: Midnight Train: Chicken Fried Snake

Sunny Sweeney: Easy as Hello: Married Alone
Maple Run Band: Used To Be The Next Big Thing: Used To Be The Next Big Thing
Goose: Hungersite (edit): Dripfield
Andrew Duhon: Emerald Blue: Emerald Blue

Craig Finn: The Amarillo Kid: A Legacy of Rentals
Gabe Lee: Rusty: Hometown Kid
Beth Holli: Bail Money: Single
Lee Bains + The Glory Fires: Lizard People: Old-Time Folks
Kassi Ashton: Dates In Pickup Trucks: Single
Alex Miller: When God Made The South: When God Made The South
Pam Gadd (w/Sam Bush & Kenny Smith): Bluegrass Survival: Single
New Potato Caboose: It Ain’t A Thing: It Ain’t A Thing

Roland Roberts: Cover Band Blues: So It Goes
Frank Turner: Haven’t Been Doing So Well: FTHC

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer @ Shady Grove Coffeehouse this Sat. Jan 7th:
– Tom Paxton, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Dry Times: All New

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    Time: January 2 - 1:03:00 pm
  • Fantastic Cat, “C'mon Armageddon (feat. Anthony D'Amato, Don DiLego, Brian Dunne & Hollis Brown)”

    from The Best of Fantastic Cat

    self-released - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:06:17 pm
  • Peculiar, Missouri

    Willi Carlisle, “Tulsa's Last Magician”

    from Peculiar, Missouri

    Free Dirt Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:11:12 pm
  • Sawmiller's Daughter

    Sarah McCulloch, “Sawmiller's Daughter”

    from Sawmiller's Daughter

    Sarah McCulloch - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:14:31 pm
  • Chicamacomico

    American Aquarium, “Chicamacomico”

    from Chicamacomico

    Losing Side Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:18:03 pm
  • Single Wide Dreamer

    Aaron Raitiere, “At Least We Didn't Have Any Kids”

    from Single Wide Dreamer

    Dinner Time Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:21:03 pm
  • White Trash Revelry

    Adeem the Artist, “Carolina”

    from White Trash Revelry

    Four Quarters Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:24:27 pm
  • Southern Currency

    Jefferson Ross, “Alabama Is a Winding Road”

    from Southern Currency

    Deep Fried Discs - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:29:04 pm
  • Wings on My Shoes

    Will Hoge, “Ain't How It Used to Be”

    from Wings on My Shoes

    Will Hoge - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:32:39 pm
  • Cruel Country

    Wilco, “Country Song Upside-down”

    from Cruel Country

    dBpm Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:35:26 pm
  • Bronco

    Orville Peck, “The Curse of the Blackened Eye”

    from Bronco

    Columbia - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:39:36 pm
  • Night Comes Falling

    Stephen McCarthy & Carla Olson, “We Gotta Split This Town”

    from Night Comes Falling

    BFD - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:43:39 pm
  • Fortune Favors the Bold

    49 Winchester, “Russell County Line”

    from Fortune Favors the Bold

    New West Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:47:49 pm
  • Crooked Tree

    Molly Tuttle, “Dooley's Farm (feat. Billy Strings)”

    from Crooked Tree

    Nonesuch - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:51:30 pm
  • Jack Shannon, “When the Red Shows Throughh”

    from The Bloomingdale Boys

    self - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:54:07 pm
  • Keep on Goin'

    Kimberly Morgan York, “Three Chances”

    from Keep on Goin'

    Team Clermont - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 1:56:33 pm
  • Rattlesnake Milk, “Midnight Rain”

    from Chicken Fried Snake

    self - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:03:25 pm
  • Married Alone

    Sunny Sweeney, “Easy as Hello”

    from Married Alone

    Aunt Daddy Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:08:05 pm
  • Used to Be the Next Big Thing

    Maple Run Band, “Used to Be the Next Big Thing”

    from Used to Be the Next Big Thing

    Back Pasture Music - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:11:28 pm
  • Goose, “Hungersite (edit)”

    from Dripfield

    No Coincidence Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:16:05 pm
  • Emerald Blue

    Andrew Duhon, “Emerald Blue”

    from Emerald Blue

    Vere Music - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:20:10 pm
  • A Legacy of Rentals

    Craig Finn, “The Amarillo Kid”

    from A Legacy of Rentals

    Positive Jams - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:24:47 pm
  • The Hometown Kid

    Gabe Lee, “Rusty”

    from The Hometown Kid

    Torrez Music Group - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:29:13 pm
  • Bail Money - Single

    Beth Holli, “Bail Money”

    from Bail Money - Single

    4012296 Records DK - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:33:30 pm
  • Old - Time Folks

    Lee Bains + The Glory Fires, “Lizard People”

    from Old - Time Folks

    Don Giovanni Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:37:03 pm
  • Dates In Pickup Trucks - Single

    Kassi Ashton, “Dates In Pickup Trucks”

    from Dates In Pickup Trucks - Single

    MCA Nashville - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:39:49 pm
  • When God Made the South - Single

    Alex Miller, “When God Made the South”

    from When God Made the South - Single

    Billy Jam Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:43:15 pm
  • Pan Gadd, “Bluegrass Survival”

    from Bluegrass Survival - Single

    self-released - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:48:13 pm
  • It Ain't a Thing

    New Potato Caboose, “It Ain't a Thing”

    from It Ain't a Thing

    New Potato Caboose - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:51:26 pm
  • So It Goes

    Roland Roberts, “Cover Band Blues”

    from So It Goes

    Happy Life Records - 2022

  • Time: January 2 - 2:55:14 pm
  • FTHC

    Frank Turner, “Haven't Been Doing So Well”

    from FTHC

    Polydor Records - 2022

    Lost Music Saloon    January 2nd, 2023

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