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Tonight we’re digging into the vaults for another classic dr. atavist hosted episode, this time of Altered Circuitry: ReWired…. on this particular night, dr. atavist had offered to give me a much-needed break, because he was also filling in for The New Breakfast Snob and figured it would be easy enough to just stick around. What resulted was a fantastic episode of AC:RW, and also this encounter with a fan of the programming block that dr. atavist and I shared, which he detailed to me in a text message thusly:

“There was a guy outside WRIR tonight and he asked me if I “worked” here. I told him I did, but no one fucking pays me … he said he wanted to pick up his shirt and he had walked over. I told him I would sort him out, etc … going up he asks what show I do. I told him I did SOB the following week, and was subbing for you tonight.

“Holy shit! I love you guys! I love all the whole station, but you guys … you go to the … you know, further reaches on your shows.”

He then spreads his arms wide and puts his head back with eyes closed and tells me that’s him on the couch Thursday night … then he ran home so he could hear his name on the radio.”

At the end of the day, its all for people like this guy, and I love that.

In memory of rev. dr. atavist, aka Kevin McFadin.

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The Wizard King’s AC:RW/SOB archive:




    Time: July 20 - 5:00:00 pm
  • Jack Ellister, “Polonium”

    from Lichtpyramide II

    Tonzonen Records - 2021

  • Time: July 20 - 5:06:40 pm
  • Jack Ellister, “Rotierende Reisenbahn”

    from Lichtpyramide II

    Tonzonen Records - 2021

  • Time: July 20 - 5:09:57 pm
  • Starbirthed

    Starbirthed, “Cosmic Call: Reflection #1”

    from Starbirthed

    Flower Room - 2019

  • Time: July 20 - 5:14:24 pm
  • Greey Sheep, “The Great Atomic Wandering”

    from Perpetual Existence

    Greey Sheep - 2020

  • Time: July 20 - 5:20:38 pm
  • Bernard Grancher, “Je Ne Saurais Pas Quoi Faire D'un Tel Regard”

    from Undulating Waters 6

    Woodford-Halse - 2021

  • Time: July 20 - 5:25:32 pm
  • Listening Center, “The Slip at Low Tide”

    from Undulating Waters 7

    Woodford-Halse - 2021

  • Time: July 20 - 5:31:35 pm
  • The Home Current, “Heaven Above Private”

    from Undulating Waters 7

    Woodford-Halse - 2021

  • Time: July 20 - 5:35:35 pm
  • Gamma Velorum, “Into the Frozen Labyrinth”

    from Obsidian IV

    Gamma Velorum - 2020

  • Time: July 20 - 5:50:57 pm
  • Laughing Eye

    Laughing Eye, “Agnetero / Huset”

    from Laughing Eye

    Höga Nord Rekords - 2019

  • Time: July 20 - 6:07:54 pm
  • Ocean Floor, “Prevernal”

    from Vernalis

    Eiderdown Records - 2019

  • Time: July 20 - 6:36:24 pm
  • The Capsule

    Necro Deathmort, “In Waves”

    from The Capsule

    Rocket Recordings - 2016

  • Time: July 20 - 6:41:48 pm
  • Pye Corner Audio, “Black Mist”

    from The Outer Church

    Front and Follow - 2013

  • Time: July 20 - 6:46:53 pm

    Alessandro Cortini, “CORRI”


    Mute - 2021

    Altered Circuitry    July 20th, 2023

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