Over the next few weeks, you will meet a few of the people who believe in the power of independent radio. Some are volunteers who are behind WRIR’s mic, while others are behind the scenes. Many found their voices or gained new skills through their work at WRIR. We start with Black Liquid, host of Hip Hop for the Rest of Us; keep an eye out for future profiles on WRIR’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts during the Spring Fund Drive! (Thank you to Amanda Lloyd, our VCU intern, for creating this campaign.)

“Expressing you further in your own identity… that’s what WRIR continues to be. WRIR gives me the opportunity to give other people the feeling I had when I first heard my music on the radio. My show has become about the underground hip hop scene. It’s just an opportunity to provide a professional atmosphere and get the best out of it. That’s why I called my show Hip Hop For The Rest of Us.”

Black Liquid, host of Hip Hop For The Rest Of Us, Sundays 1 – 3 a.m.
(photo cred: BCmusic1st)