DJ Freyja brings you A Drone’s Life every week at 1am with ambient, noise, electronica, experimental, and noise to calm you down from the week and bring you relaxed into the weekend.

    November 23rd, 2022

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Rotating Shows

Panoramic hosted by Straw

An audio collage built around current events, mental health, and wild sampling…

…spotlighting new rap and & RnB and other experimental and crate digging music by people of color.

Journey Through the Crates hosted by Samazon Prime

Let’s go beneath the surface. The hits are the hits, my mission is to take it to the next level. On Journey Through the Crates we’re playing the golden era hip hop joints that got lost in the storm. The joints that never made it due to label politics, sample clearance, incarceration, lack of promotion. Artists that put out one incredible 12” single and nothing else again. Features from known artists on unknown records. We’ll also be digging up the records your favorite producers sampled for your favorite boom bap productions. Gritty, dusty hip hop, samples and breaks, mostly from the original vinyl. If it’s dope, Samazon Prime is playing it.

    October 3rd, 2021

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Japanese/Asian music radio every Monday afternoon! Featuring J-pop, Ambient, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Rare Groove, Experimental, Soundtracks and more. Find us on:

Instagram: @banji_kaicho

SoundCloud: @fredy_j

Spotify: 万事快調 Banji Kaicho @ WRIR 97.3FM

Twitter: @banjikaicho_FM

As well as live chat on chatango!

    January 6th, 2021

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Live from the Audience brings you the best audience taped live concerts to get you that fix you’ve been waiting for…ENJOY!!!

    September 1st, 2020

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Welcome to The Lunar Orbit, bringing you the best spacey, atmospheric, and hypnotizing post-rock, math rock, progressive, instrumental, and shoegaze music that we can possibly find. Basically, if the band belongs to the Post Consumer Brand’s line of products we’ll be playing it.


Sit back, relax, tune in, or tune out and let yourself get carried away into the outer reaches of the universe.


    July 26th, 2020

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DJ Freyja starts your week off with WAR: Women Art Revolution..bringing you women making music from all genres and all countries. Tune in on Mondays 6am – 8am. Follow her on twitter at @CarolOlson





    October 8th, 2015

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