About enzo

Enzo is a veteran dj of over 30 years in clubs and radio. He’s played everything from hole-in-the-wall punk clubs, to European style techno clubs, and everything in between. He’s also done Top 40, Hot A.C., and Modern Rock commercial radio. Disillusioned by the homogenous wasteland the medium had become, he walked away from radio at the turn of the millennium, and never looked back. One night in 2006, while walking home from the grocery store, quite by accident, he dropped his keys in front of 1621 W.Broad St. As he went to pick them up, he noticed the small, hand written paper sign on the door that read “WRIR Richmond Independent Radio”. He fondly likens that moment to being akin to discovering the holy grail. He immediately pulled out his phone, and called the number to see what he had to do to get a show, and remembers weeping openly when told he would have NO restrictions on what he could play. He giddily tested that freedom on one of his first shows by playing The Replacements “Kiss Me On The Bus”, and following it up with Little Tony Defranco and The Defrano Family’s “Heartbeat, It’s A Love Beat”. He claims he felt the knees of every radio programmer in the country buckle that morning. He has now made it his mission to use his acutely fine tuned pop aesthetic to save the world from mediocrity, and to bring joy and happiness to all the little boys and girls with pure hearts with power chord crunches, soaring harmonies, and a smattering of minor chords played on jangly guitars. He equally enjoys talking about himself in the third person.