Abduction of the Bride


Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
The Replacements – Waitress in the Sky
Bob Chance – My Heart has been Sentenced to Jail
Lois P Honeycutt – A Family Compared to a Bouquet of Roses
The Village People – I am What I am
Bill Joy – Bored Can’t Cope Want Out
Tortura – The Sounds of Pain & Pleasure
Jerry Lee Lewis – I Can Still Hear the Music in the Bathroom
Link Wray & His Ray Men – The Fuzz
Unknown – Thank God I’m a Country Boy
Tonetta – Kinja Kinja
David Hasselhoff – Amazing Grace
Conway Twitty – She Needs Someone to Hold Her When She Cries
Unknown – Biker Remix 21
Mitha Maze Dar – Dancing Queen
Enoch Light – Light My Fire
Jonas Nordwall – Pinball Wizard
Stanley Wilson – Abduction of the Bride
Henry Mancini – Charlie’s Angels
Maureen McCormick – Cloud of Dust
Troggs – You Can Cry if You Want to
Frijid Pink – Heartbreak Hotel
Grateful Dead & Merry Pranksters – It’s Good to be God Rap
The Fall – Oh! Brother
Conway Twitty – Red Neckin’ Love Makin’ Night
The Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs
Dr & Mrs JC Willke – Sex Says Something
Captain Beyond – Thousand Days of Yesterday
KMart – Week of 040592