And on One Side Colder She Becomes


My Thanks goes out to my daughter Mary Featherwolf for her assistance in pulling the music together for your enjoyment.

Producer – Katie Tall Feathers
Assistant Producer – Mary Featherwolf
Host – Tall Feathers

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Mark Langenfeld Lakota Sioux Prayer Red Hawk Woman CD Tomahawk Rec 2004
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton and Will Clipman Winged Iridescence Dancing Into Silence CD Canyon Rec 2009
Robin Guthrie & Stuart Cardwell Spirit Keeper Visions CD Guthrie Prod 2008
Charles Mato-Toyela Night Sounds Lakota Legends CD Blue Line Musi 2001
Spirit Nation Tipikan (lullaby) Winter Moons CD Karuna Music 2002
Various Artists (Ojibwa) Have Good Dreams My Grandchild Native American Flute CD Arbor Rec 2016
Johnny Whitehorse Whitehores Dreaming Johnny Whitehorse CD Silver Wave Rec 2006
Various Artists Rain Prayer Native Spirit #1 CD BCI 1999
Tony Duncan Stories Upon Stone Native Son CD Canyon Rec 2013
Stoney Creek Singers/Drum The Protector Dedicated to those around the drum CD Drum Hop Prod 2015
Mystic River Alchemy LIve Round Dance Mystic River Style CD Rez/Cue Rec 2001
Andrew Vasquez Black Mountain Wind River CD Makoche Music
2nd Hour:
Louie Gonnie Dawn of Fire Elements CD Canyon Rec 2006
Mary Youngblood Walk With Me Sacred Place CD Silver Wave Rec 2008
Matthew Thoma Hunter's Moon Tales of Futures Past CD Lotus Temple Prod 2016
Fawn Wood Tapwe Oma Iskwewak Songs of Indigenous Womanhood CD Canyon Rec 2012
Denean As One Fire Prayer CD Etherean Rec
Tha Tribe Tha LaFleur Shuffle Stoic CD Canyon Rec 2013
Northern Cree Young and Free Ewipihcihk CD Canyon Rec 2014
Eli Secody Happy Memories Over Coffee Sunrise Love CD Secody Rec 2008
Nitanis Kit Largo The Fall Song Serenity CD Canyon Rec 2013
Stuart Cardwell Painted Horses Traveler CD Snow HIll Music 2013
3rd Hour:
Syd Hajicek Facebook Feed Just witnessed institutional racism at its finest in ND Nov 15th
David Nighteagle and Courtney Brocks Four Hundred Years Torn from the Heart The Journey CD Canyon Rec 2004
Young Spirit Time to Shine Nitehe Ohci From the Heart CD Canyon Rec 2014
The Water Keeper Alliance Robert F Kennedy Jr. At Standing Rock November 15th.
Terry StrongHeart Hear the Drum Starlight in the Storm CD Spirit Wind Rec 2011
Collective Evolution Robert F Kennedy Jr. At Standing Rock November 16th
Coyote Jump Lighting Drum Waking from the Roots CD Canyon Rec 2012
Bernie Sanders speak out in support of Standing Rock Water Protectors Jordan Marie Daniel Nov 15
Stoney Creek Singers and Drummers Alleigance Where the Pine Trees Grow Self-prod 2013
A Tribe Called Red We are the Halluci Nations with John Trudell We Are The Halluci Nation Self-prod 2016
Ulali All My Relations A Thousand Roads Wide Blue Sky

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