I Can See Clearly Now


Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Iggy Pop – Search ‘n’ Destroy
Shirley Q. Liquor – The Mammogram
Main Ingredient – Save Me
Gene Marshall – Shut Up and Quit Talking
Brian Tracy – The Foundation of Self-Confidence-Introduction
BT Express – Happiness
Ernest Trotter – Laura
Los Shakers – Break it All
Slim Gaillard – Gomen Nasai
Tony & Kathy Rich – I Can See Clearly Now
Moxy – Get Off
Herbie Mann – Spanish Grits
Chrysalis – Lacewing
Hunter S Thompson – Some Local Nazi
Blind Willie Johnson – God Moves on the Water
Sebastian Cabot – The Times they are a-Changin’
Ultra-Lounge – [Untitled Spoken Track]
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Surf-er Joe & Moe the Sleaze
Ike & Tina Turner – I Like it
The Real Pros – Rain on the Roof
The Sensational Batboys – Cheatin’ Charlie
Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement – Soul Search Part 2
Conway Twitty – I’ve Already Loved You in My Mind
Martha Reeves – Keep on Movin’ On
KenXtions – Typical Date Requests
John Entwistle – I Feel Better
Shocking Blue – Love Machine
Grace Jones – Bullshit
Rick Danko – Brainwash
Peter Scott Peters – Fallout Shelte
Miracle Meditation – Build Self Esteem