I Like Having You Around


Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band – World War III
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I Can Make You a Man (reprise)
Dean Milan – What Does it Take?
The Ridiculous Trio – I Wanna be Your Dog
Al Caiola – Stiletto
Blue Oyster Cult – Vengeance
Thurl Ravenscroft – Heartaches
Mr. T – Mr. T’s Commandment
Charlie the Hamster – If it wasn’t for Jesus
Lou Reed & John Cale – Forever Changed
The Kinks – Destroyer
Unknown – The Joke
Miguel Angel & Los Sharps – Gloria
Madcats – Woman’s Got the Power
Burt Reynolds – I Like Having You Around
Arch Oboler – A Day at the Dentist’s
Shirley Q Liquor – Planetarium
Burt Reynolds – She’s Taken a Gentle Lover
Bob Dylan – Everything is Broken
Valley High School, Las Vegas – Midnight Blue
Los Apson – Twist Hawaiiano
The Rubber Band – Rubber Jam
Bruce Springsteen – Gloria’s Eyes
Ted Nugent – Turn it Up
Fred Lowery – The Lonesome Road
Johnny Thunders – Diary of a Lover
Bendy Brandon – Power for Your Purpose