Then Jesus Came


Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Bobb Trimble – Your Little Pawn
Erica Laine – Sweet Caress
Jerry Colonna – Sweet Adeline
Unknown – Before the Next Teardrop Falls
Leonard Nimoy – Everybody’s Talkin’
John Schneider – I’ve Been Around Enough to Know
Frank Zappa – Montana
Emo Phillips – Secret Track
King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones – Black Saxes
Fools – Easy for You
Bob Dylan – Tombstone Blues
Jonathan Winters – Too Smart for the Room
Thurl Ravenscroft – Then Jesus Came
Bill Glass – A Touchdown Play
Charles Manson – Ego
Liberace – Happy Barefoot Boy
Leif Garrett & the Crush-Ups – Betty Ford for Christmas
Ken Nordine – What’s there to Do?
Complete – Beautiful Sunrises
David Hasselhoff – Joined at the Heart
Tom Jones – If I Only Knew
Dee Clarck – Ride a Wild Horse
Bobbie Gentry – Papa Won’t You Take Me to Town with You
Jandek – Down Clown
Hunter S Thompson – Things in Common with Nixon
Eddie Albert – Feeling Good
Ross Jeffries – Home Seduction Speed Course (disc 8)