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TMBB 11/15/16: Celebrities SLASH Musicians

DJ Lylas

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Dolly Parton 9 to 5 The Essential Dolly Parton
Pete Yorn, Scarlet Johansen I Don't Know What to Do Break Up
Cher All I Really Want to Do The Best of Cher
Fabio When Somebody Loves Somebody After Dark 1993
Jamie Foxx, Ludacris Unpredictable Unpredictable
( ง ´◇`)ง♪
Paris Hilton Stars are Blind Paris Warner Bros 2006
Hillary Duff Come Clean Metamorphosis Hollywood 2003
Jennifer Love Hewitt Cool With You Jennifer Love Hewitt Atlantic 1996
She & Him Over it Over Again Volume Two Merge 2010
( ง ´◇`)ง♪
Christopher Lee The Bloody Verdict of Verden/ The Blood of the Saxon Men Charlemagne: By the Sword and Cross 2010
John Carpenter Theme from Halloween Halloween 2010
Corey Feldman DUH Angelic 2 the Core 2016
Jeep Cherokee Bruce Willis Bruce
Steven Seagal Dark Angel Mojo Priest Hypertension 2006
Steve Martin Clawhammer Medley The Crow
Guy Pearce Storm Broken Bones Vast Image 2004
( ง ´◇`)ง♪ 7:00 AM!
William Shatner, John Wetton Bohemian Rhapsody Seeking Major Tom
Robert Downey Jr. Man Like Me The Futurist Sony 2004
Will Smith, Jada Pinket Smith 1,000 Kisses Born to Reign Sony 2002
Eddie Murphy Party All the Time How Could It Be Sony 1985
Shaquille O'Neil, FU-Schnickens What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?) The Best of Shaquille O'Neil Zomba 1993
The Naked and Famous Higher Simple Form Somewhat Damaged 2016
( ง ´◇`)ง♪ TIX GIVEAWAY
The Naked and Famous Young Blood Passive Me, Aggressive You
David Hasselhoff Hooked On a Feeling
Leonard Nimoy The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
William Shatner Mr. Spaceman Seeking Major Tom
( ง ´◇`)ง♪
H Jon Benjamin I Can't Play Piano Part 1 Jazz Daredevil
Cocounut Records (Jason Schwartzman) West Coast Nighttiming Young Baby 2007
Dead Man's Bones Pa Pa Power Dead Man's Bones Anti 2009
She & Him Home Volume Two

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