Wide Ear Folk/Life is a Mixtape

Wide Ear Folk 1/31/17


Tift Merritt Dusty Old Man Stitch of the World
James Keelaghan Bonnie Light Horseman A Few Simple Verses
Rayna Gellert Strike the Bells Workin’s Too Hard
Matthew and the Atlas Kingdom Of Your Own Kingdom Of Your Own Ep
Matthew and the Atlas Come Out Of The Woods Kingdom Of Your Own Ep
Michael Chapman 03 The Mallard 50
Pearl And The Beard Mistakes God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson
Laura Stevenson Renée Wheel
King Creosote Melin Wynt Astronaut Meets Appleman
Eleni Mandell Empty Locket (feat. Milo Jones) Unsung Heroes: Songs of Eleni Mandell
Bill Staines The Roseville Fair The Whistle of the Jay
Priscilla Ahn Girls Unsung Heroes: Songs of Eleni Mandell
Mutual Benefit Fire Escape Skip a Sinking Stone
Dan Mangan Leaves, Trees, Forest Oh Fortune
Various Artists Long Time Before This (Gwaii Haanas, BC) National Parks Project
Caroline Paton, Sandy Paton Rambling Man New Harmony
Tift Merritt Stitch of the World Stitch of the World
Jono Mccleery Age Of Self Pagodes
Michael Chapman 07 Money Trouble 50
Mutual Benefit Slow March Skip a Sinking Stone
Mutual Benefit Wishing Mutual Spirits
King Creosote The Long Fade (Bonus Track) Astronaut Meets Appleman
Pearl And The Beard Prodigal Daughter Killing the Darlings
River Whyless Hold Me to Ya Hold Me to Ya
Dan Mangan How Darwinian Oh Fortune
Aimee Mann Mental Illness
James Keelaghan Red-winged Blackbird Home
Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough Everything Mockingbird Soul
Rosalie Sorrels I Think of You If I Could Be the Rain
Ellen Epstien, Lisa Kallet, Cindy Kallet If I Sing Cindy Kallet 2
Cindy Kallet Steamboat to the Mainland Cindy Kallet 2
Pearl And The Beard Voice in my Throat God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson