Wide Ear Folk/Life is a Mixtape

Wide Ear Folk 5/17/16


Gallon House Favorite Things Gallon House
Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys My Side Of The Mountain Release Your Shrouds
Natalie Merchant Down On Penny’s Farm The House Carpenter’s Daughter
Daniel Lanois The Unbreakable Chain For The Beauty Of Wynona


Patty Griffin Highway Song American Kid
Guy Clark Aint no trouble to me American Master Series
Daniel Isaiah Emma Grace High Twilight
The Full Moon Orchestra A remedy
One Hundred Dollars Where The Sparrows Drop Songs Of Man
Hijo Del Rio When The Summer Came Hijo Del Rio.
Annalise Emerick A Runner and a Singer
Antrim Dells Mother, Father Mother, Father
matt bauer Homeward Bound No Shape Can Hold Me Now
Julia and the Doogans Those Things Those Things
Joe Pug In the Meantime Live at Lincoln Hall
Robin Roberts & Billie Preston Breach in the Levee Pay-Day Motors
Sleepy Turtles Being Small Summer, Hither
Jules Shear The Last in Love Between Us
The Abramson Singers Fight or Flight Late Riser
Clair Morgan Bryn Mawr New Lions & The Not-Good Night
Joe Pug Ours The Great Despiser
Joe Pug Hymn #101 Nation of Heat EP
Opaque Nature Get Your Hopes Up Open up your Heart
Abakis Hush Now Love I’m One Too
The Oh Hellos Bitter Water Dear Wormwood
The Oh Hellos There Beneath Dear Wormwood
Neil Young Razor Love Silver & Gold
Lau Back in Love Again The Bell That Never Rang
Hijo Del Rio Wishful Thinking Hijo Del Rio.
Clair Morgan The Sea New Lions & The Not-Good Night
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell No Memories Hanging Round The Traveling Kind