Wide Ear Folk/Life is a Mixtape

Wide Ear Folk


Townes Van Zandt Delta Momma Blues Delta Momma Blues
The Stray Birds Third Day In A Row Magic Fire
The Deer Strange Resides Tempest & Rapture
Brooks Williams Frenzy at the Feeder Little Lion
Courtney Marie Andrews 15 Highway Lines Honest Life
Harp and a Monkey 02_Soldier Soldier War Stories
Lou Rhodes Angels theyesandeye
Nathaniel Rateliff Forgetting Is Believing Falling Faster Than You Can Run
Nathaniel Rateliff Liverpool Closer
Lori McKenna Giving up on Your Hometown The Bird &The Rifle
Jim Lauderdale I’m Looking Through You Let Us in Americana the Music of Paul Mccartney
The Deer Static Tempest & Rapture
The Deer Bad Translator Tempest & Rapture
Bear’s Den Fortress Red Earth & Pouring Rain
Bear’s Den Roses on a Breeze Red Earth & Pouring Rain
Hiss Golden Messenger Biloxi Heart Like a Levee
Hayes Carll Good While It Lasted Lovers and Leavers
Courtney Marie Andrews Only in My Mind Honest Life
Harp and a Monkey 04_Charlie Chaplin War Stories
The Deer Intonation Tempest & Rapture
Alex Neilson|Lavinia Blackwall|Michael Flower|Alasdair Rober Polly On The Shore Wooden Weavil Volume 1 (collection of folk music from Bo’ We
Wilsen Emperor Magnolia EP
The Deer Redbreast Tempest & Rapture
Bear’s Den Love Can’t Stand Alone Red Earth & Pouring Rain
Lou Rhodes All I Need theyesandeye
Lou Rhodes All The Birds theyesandeye
Lori McKenna The Bird & The Rifle The Bird &The Rifle
Mandolin Orange Rounder Such Jubilee
Hayes Carll You Leave Alone Lovers and Leavers