Wide Ear Folk/Life is a Mixtape

Wide Ear Folk Election Night!


Clem Snide Don’t let the sun go down on your Grievance The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered (Disc 1 :
Alexa Rose Embers North
Clint Roberts Opium Blues Where the Heart Is – EP
The Western Flyers I’ll See You In My Dreams Wild Blue Yonder
The Deer Errant Tree Tempest & Rapture
Chris Coole May Day #2 The Tumbling River
Clint Roberts Moths Where the Heart Is – EP
Furnace Mountain First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Shadow Of Plenty
Kristine Schmitt Get Your Clothes Off, Honey Good Dirt
Chris Trapper Angel Appearing in a Small Cafe Symphonies of Dirt & Dust
Katie Mcnally Down The Burn, Davie Lad The Boston States
Shirley Collins Rich Irish Lady Lodestar
Alexa Rose Blue North
Chris Coole Thinking About Home The Tumbling River
Furnace Mountain Sarah’s Song Shadow Of Plenty
Furnace Mountain Shadow Of Plenty Shadow Of Plenty
The Western Flyers Along The Navajo Trail Wild Blue Yonder
The Western Flyers The Wild Dog Wild Blue Yonder
The Deer Winter To Pry Tempest & Rapture
Jack Grelle Not Takin’ After Me Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down
Arnie Naiman Mystery My Lucky Stars
Bob Weir Only A River Blue Mountain
Neil Young The Painter Prairie Wind
Arnie Naiman Square Peg My Lucky Stars
Alexa Rose Bend North
The Deer Reflections On Moonstone Beach Tempest & Rapture
Jack Grelle Hilltop Of Sand Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down
Chris Coole Leaving 2674 The Tumbling River
Shirley Collins Banks of Green Willow Lodestar
Josh Ritter Best For The Best The Animal Years
Seth Martin Goodbye, Goodbye I Stood Upon A High Place
Vandaveer Love Is Melancholy Love Is Melancholy
The Tillers The Road Neverending Hand on the Plow
Kristine Schmitt Wild Bird Blues Good Dirt