Zodiac Audio Almanac Episode 6: Aries Grab Bag–I Can Do Whatever I Want

Reverend V. Tender Garbage

Ya grrrl has been moving across the city (East End Wussup) and I decided instead of giving you a half-baked astrology show, I would just play whatever I wanted. Off-the-cuff record sets, call-in requests, and new music roulette is what’s in store for y’all this week on Zodiac Audio Almanac–produced by a bo$$y Aries who does whatever she wants.

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Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Wild Nothing The Witching Hour Gemini Captured Tracks 2010 Played at 3 AM, the beginning of the witching hour <3 *~*spooky*~*
The Trash Company Manchester Stomp Modern Love Thug Records
Chicks on Speed Warm Leatherette Will Save Us All! 2000
Juiceboxxx Thunder Jam Number Four Juiceboxxx/Japanther 7 inch split Decorated Records 2006
Wicked Witch Under Your Spell Chaos 1978-86 Honest Jons Records 1986
Animal Collective Chocolate Girl Spirit They've Gone, Spirit They've Vanished 2001 *~*~*Call-in request from David! *~*~*~
$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$
Oscar Breaking My Phone Cut and Paste Wichita Recordings 2016
Try the Pie Unholy Island WON*DROUS 7 inch Past Survivor 2013
Try the Pie Unpronounced WON*DROUS 7 inch Past Survivor 2013
Osvaldo Paese You're Annoying Incidental 2014 *~*~*Call-in request from Baylen, who was annoyed with a sibling*~*~*
Love As Laughter Untitled Love As Laughter/The Seductive Tour Split 7 inch 1996
Nadua Creepoid Creepoid No Idea Records 2013
Quintron and Miss Pussycat Spirit Hair Sucre du Sauvage Goner Records Recorded Live at the New Orleans Museum of Art
Manhattan Murder Mystery Honda Prius Manhattan Murder Mystery Hello My Name Is 2011
Royal Headache My Own Fantasy High What's Your Rupture? 2015
The Sugarcubes Blue Eyed Pop Life's Too Good Elektra/Asylum 1988
Royal Headache Need You High What's Your Rupture? 2015
The Sugarcubes F***ing In Rhythm and Sorrow Life's Too Good Elektra/Asylum 1988
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
The Kiss Offs Kiss Off Love's Evidence as Left by The Kiss Offs Peek-a-Boo Records 1997
The Kiss Offs Never Been Kissed Love's Evidence as Left by The Kiss Offs Peek-a-Boo Records 1997
Lady Piss Send Yourself a Postcard Streaming 2011
Death First Exiled Death First 7 inch
Witchknot Doris Squawk Flat Earth Records 1997
MEOWmeowMEOW meowMEOWmeow MEOWmeowMEOW meowMEOWmeow MEOW
Lithics Seven People Borrowed Floors Water Wing Records 2015
Ladyfuzz Bouncy Ball Bouncy Ball 7 inch Transgressive Records 2006
Neo Boys Ancient Youth Sooner Or Later 4xLP Full Discography 1978-1983
Neo Boys Common Ground Sooner Or Later 4xLP Full Discography 1978-1983
Pictureplane Dark Rift Dark Rift 2009 *~*~*Call-in from Wren, David, and Emma!*~*~*
6666666666 6666666666 6666666666 6666666666 6666
Dinner Cool as Ice Psychic Lovers Captured Tracks 2016
Bjork 5 Years Homogenic One Little Indian 1997
Bones & Beeker Lupine Bones & Beeker Wax Poetics Records 2015
Arthur Russell Corn Corn Audika Records 2015 compilation
Arthur Russell Keeping Up Corn Audika Records 2015 compilation
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Male Gaze Stupid Heart King Leer Castle Face 2016
Parquet Courts Two Dead Cops Human Performance Rough Trade 2016
Summer Cannibal Say My Name Full of It Kill Rock Stars 2016
Pity Sex White Hot Moon White Hot Moon Run For Cover 2016
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Mac Demarco European Vegas Rock N Roll Nighclup EP Captured Tracks 2012
Piano Overlord The Overlord Meets Adventure Time In Sleepy Keys Torture EP Money Studies 2005

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