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The musical styles of the world are as varied and colorful as the feathers on a peacock and our tastes for dance music change as often as the weather patterns… the average person is likely to have music from 20 different countries on their mp3 player, If you consider modern genres like rock, electronica, club/dance music, reggae, salsa, rap, soul – they’re international genres. Artists from every country have their own versions of what they call “popular music.” There is no denying that we have all been brought closer by the internet, and the ability to communicate with each other, & appreciate the music and culture of people on the other side of the world has changed the way we look at our own. On any given Sunday evening on “If Music Could Talk” you will hear a variety of different inspiring and beautiful styles of music. Show Host DJ Carlito is perpetually seeking out selections for his show that will feed your curiosity about this big beautiful world. While living in New York, and now, living in the international city of Richmond VA, Dj Carlito built his collection of music by talking to everyday people about the sounds and artists that inspire them. And what brings us all together, music. Music is also the perfect way to travel. All you have to do is tune in every week – 7-9pm (EST)

Since 2004, Dj Carlito has been KEEPING IT TRULY INTERNATIONAL on WRIR bringing you exciting musical setlists without any boundaries. In years past, WORLD music was the fashionable term. But ALL music is World music – it just depends on where you live… and Richmonders come from all over the world. “If Music Could Talk” also often features guest DJs and Interviews with internationally known artists. You just might have to stay up late to hear “If Music Could Talk” if you live on the other side of the planet, because “If Music Could Talk” is also available on the web on www.wrir.org via our Internet Stream, and also via podcast. If you miss the live broadcast, you can get the podcast every week on www.radio4all.net (check Dj Carlito’s blog at http://turquoisekid.blogspot.com for even more inspiring sounds, news, and images)
Hearing the variations in music from place to place, as well as the similarities, is what makes this show so thrilling to listen to. Music is an international language, and it speaks in ways that words never could… (A song on the brilliant and criminally under-rated album by the Clash “Sandinista” – One of Dj Carlito’s first records when he was a kid inspired the show title) Tune in every week at 7pm (EST) on WRIR and be inspired!


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