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  • Blues
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  • Experimental
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  • Wednesday - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

In-Studio Performances

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  • Jennifer Shotwell says:

    … and by French tunes, I mean any coming from French DJs or those who grew up speaking French along with their native tongue. Friends in Burkina Faso would be interested to hear …

  • Jennifer Shotwell says:

    So dope … keep up the great show, Mike … you’re inspiring me to figure out how to use the little DJ controller my husband got me for my birthday. As the former DJ for the Francosonic show on WRIR a few years back, I have to ask: do you ever incorporate some French tunes? Luv what you do …

  • T Leaves says:

    So glad to be able to stream playbacks again. Glad you stayed safe through this whole mess, glad to have you back in the studio! Mike Metic Mike Medic prescribes a groove. Thanks for your show.

  • Trista Grigsby says:

    Am so missing the playlists so I can follow the rabbit holes of artists, plus hear the kickbacks: DJ Cam, DJ Krush, etc. This is my favorite show on WRIR but can only catch the last hour typically. Thank you for what you do. “I’m going to do what I’m going to do”

  • Zadie Reese says:

    Tulsi and I danced hard today. We needed that. Thank you,

  • Risegun Olomidun says:

    please post play list for Jan. 22, 2020 show.

  • Stephen Hu says:

    Your show this week kept me moving on my bike ride. Thanks for the grooves.

  • AMY ALTMAN says:

    Love your show!!!

  • AMY ALTMAN says:

    Great show Mike!!!

  • Rob says:

    Hi, who were the last two tracks you played by 11.13.19. ? Thanks.

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