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How did you get here? How did you unlock this secret area? This oasis of rhythm and melody in the midst of a level you’ve replayed too many times to count? Are you the partiest of animals, perpetually lit until the last call of every school night? Are you the artist too impassioned by love of the craft to sleep? Or the rarified being who sifts through endless hours of radio waves for hidden treasure with a fine toothed comb? Are you totally inexplicable, and here solely by random chance and happenstance? Are you normal but destined for the supernatural? No matter how you found us, you did it. You’re here! And this moment is special. Let it enjoy you as you enjoy it. Type in this cheat code and bask in 8 bit wonder as a chest appears, wedged deep in the corner of your own personal life’s underworld. Let the yellow light within spill out over you as you reach in a trembling paw to retrieve these unimaginable treats.

Noah Page, hosts these utterly improbable broadcasts. A rotating cast of MCs come through every week to freestyle or let glimmer the written verses they’ve polished up privately, meticulously in their hidden lairs. The unfathomable wild beasts of our own beautiful city, from right around that next corner, orange in the streetlights, lumbering toward you, unstoppable as a your high school crush. And PLUS interviews the likes of which you won’t find scrolling past your life on that phone. And all in the name of Secret Bonus Level’s mission to introduce rap to new audiences while championing inclusion and respect for peoples of all genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, heights, weights, and astrological signs (even though astrology is totally made up and fake SORRY NOT SORRY). Grade AA eggs. Beats and refrains to not just soothe, but upgrade your stats. You’ve leveled up.

It’s impossible to say how you found yourself in this unlikely place at this unlikely time, but where else would you find a secret show like this? And now it’s yours. We’re all so happy to give it to you. These are your friends. Play through Noah Page’s brief tutorial and suddenly you’re Player 1, the unlockable character that no one even knew was programmed into this game of your life. Music is your MP. This single potion fills your meter fully.


  • Thursday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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