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Stunted Development is the best free-form radio show on the planet.

One of WRIR’s charter music programs, Stunted Development airs whacked-out sounds from all genres with an emphasis on ironic, absurd, esoteric and obscure recordings. Each week, host Bill Farrar and his virtual assistant, Al G. Rhythm, scour the vast Stunted Development archives for the finest in strange sounds and occasional quality tunes. Enjoy a smattering of outsider artists, celebrity miscues, children’s records, spoken word, instructional LPs, pop culture, religious recordings, lounge and exotica, song-poems, and more!

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– Joining the Stunted Development Facebook page. You’ll receive one reminder message each week that will give you a heads-up about the upcoming show’s content. Also enjoy frequently posted ridiculous music, videos, and articles, and submit your own.

– Sending your obscure, ironic, and esoteric requests to [email protected].

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