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The Children’s Hour: Tuesdays at 10:00am

The Children’s Hour is a weekly, internationally syndicated kids’ public radio program and podcast, that educates, inspires, engages and entertains listeners of all ages. Produced with a team of volunteer children in a free after school program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our host Katie Stone has been described as the “Mr. Rogers of public radio.” Some of our episodes come with come with Learn-Along guides that enable our programs to be used in the classroom.
The Children’s Hour is produced with a crew of active volunteer kids who we call our “Kids Crew.” Sometimes our programs are produced in collaboration with a teacher or school, as part of our RadioKids School Project. We also collaborate with teachers at schools with a Title 1 designation, or where the students experience other challenges.
Before Covid-19, we produced half of our shows that were originally broadcast live from a public venue, where the audience was always a part of the show. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we produced all our programs on Zoom. Today we record our programs at the Outpost Performance Space in a hybrid online/in-real-life recording environment, and we continue to feature young musicians, storytellers, scientific experts of all ages, and plenty of jokes.


  • Tuesday - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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  • Melissa Vaughn says: Here is the show link with playlist for that episode. Thank you or listening!

  • Tommy says:

    I heard a song on this mornings show and wanted to find out who it was. “It’s not safe, leave it there” is good advice to little ones. thanks, I’ll check back for a response.

  • Diana Harland says:

    My two young kids and I have been really enjoying the Children’s Hour. When we tuned in this morning and heard Raffi talking to our very own local kid’s show my son was in absolute awe and I teared up a bit! Thank you for making such a great show, and I will try to do a better job of spreading the word about what you guys do.

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