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Gay World! It’s a Gay World! Everyone around me is a gay boi, gay girl!

Hello my Sweet Queens!!!

This.. is The Dyke Agenda!

Hosted by the Big ‘Ol Lesbian, Kim the One, The DA takes you on a journey to the wonderful community of queers.

From Spilling the tea!… To queer politics… fashion… and the sh** we do when we Kiki with our friends!

The possibilities are endless!

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Updates, listener interaction, Polls, and More!


  • Saturday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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  • Avatar Jimi says:

    can you please tell me what was the song playing at 6:53pm…Country sound…lady singing about going after hours with a guy, etc? 8.17.2019

    Many Thanks.

    • Avatar kstrother says:

      For some reason My playlist is missing for that week! but i feel like it might be kacey Musgraves. Hope you find it1

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