WRIR’s fundraising committee consistently seeks custom artwork from Richmond area artists. This document outlines context, deliverable requirements, conceptual and technical constraints in addition to compensation for selected work’s artist. If you have additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Please submit finished work by March 1, 2024. 

Submit to: Artist.Submit@wrir.org     Subject Line: 2024 Fund Drive Design 

Richmond Artists have been designing custom WRIR Fundraising t-shirts since 2005 for our bi-yearly fundraisers that take place in the spring and fall. As a thank you for donations and support, we offer premiums at a dollar-threshold; the lowest and most popular being $60 for a WRIR t-shirt.

At $120 & $240 donation levels we offer additional premiums that vary each fund drive (these premiums often feature the artist’s design). At a $360 donation level, the station airs underwriting for a 501(c)3 on behalf of the donor. 

A 100% volunteer run station, WRIR depends on listener’s financial support for operations, programs, equipment maintenance, and future growth. Roughly 10% of each donation is spent on premiums, shipping, and distribution. 

Designs pique public interest, excite volunteers, and help our community celebrate another season of Richmond independent radio. Your talent and consideration to work with us is greatly appreciated!

Once submitted (by March 1, 2023), artwork will be considered and selected by active fundraising committee members. Please note: this is not a design contest! Artwork will be selected based on fund drive historical context, simplicity of printing, and subjective aesthetics.

Previous examples: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/wrirpremiums/

Artist Compensation

In gratitude for your effort and talent, WRIR offers the following compensation if your artwork is selected:

  • Two t-shirts
  • $120 & $240 level premiums 
  • Underwriting for a 501(c)3 of the Artist’s choice (underwriting will play for a 6-month period. This is a $360 value!)
  • Promotion of artist throughout fund drive (i.e. credit given while promoting shirt, bio page on website, you could come on air if you’d like)

Use of Artwork

The primary use of the artwork will be for t-shirts, but it may also be used for other premiums. Artwork has been used in the past for the following:

  • Bandanas
  • Posters
  • Yard-flags
  • Beanies
  • Postcards
  • Social Media 


By submitting artwork the artist gives WRIR non-exclusive rights to use the image in the design of a WRIR T-Shirt as well as for other WRIR promotional materials. 

Conceptual Limits

WRIR offers diverse music and talk programming. T-shirt designs should show WRIR’s diverse programming and varied opinions. In order to encompass the multitude of WRIR, please avoid focusing artwork on specific genres or instruments. Similarly, political or religious imagery and text copy must be avoided. 

To keep things fresh, we strongly suggest avoiding themes from previous fund drives. A catalog of previous fund drive designs can be requested from the fundraising committee. 

Please note: The WRIR logo does not need to be included. If included, it must retain its integrity and dimensions. 

Designs must be original or under public domain. No designs under copyright will be accepted. 

Design Text Requirements

The following four phrases are to be included in the design. Additional phrases or words are discouraged. 

  • “WRIR” (needs to be able to be read from a distance)
  • “97.3 FM”
  • “Richmond Independent Radio”
  • “Spring 2024”

Technical Limits

Submission to Printer

Artwork must be ready-to-go as specified by the printer:

  • File must be submitted as a vector (including text)
    • Please submit files in .ai format from Adobe illustrator 
    • *contact the committee if assistance is needed*
  • Each Color must be a separate layer 
  • Hand-drawn & bitmap files are also accepted
    • Must be 300 DPI at full resolution

The artist will receive a proof from the printer to approve.

Dimensions of Artwork

  • Print dimensions are maximum 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall (however, a square size is preferred)
  • Printed on the front, center of the t-shirt. May also be incorporated into other items. 

Color Combinations

Artists are expected to decide the ink and fabric color of the t-shirts. Please provide a few combination options. Price and availability will be considered by the fundraising committee and printer as well as subjective opinion. 

If an un-suggested color scheme is being considered by the committee, the artist’s approval will be sought. 

Ink Color

A design’s heavy use of ink must be a consideration due to finances. Often only one color falls within our budget, though occasionally two colors are a possibility due to creative use of negative space. 

When choosing ink colors, consider the following:

  • Some ink colors on a black fabric require a white primer layer
  • Water-based ink has an environmental benefit
  • Pantone colors work best for design integrity when printing
  • Glow in the dark and metallic inks are twice as expensive

T-Shirt Color and Fabric

The fund drives’ t-shirt color is a hotly debated topic among volunteers: a third of volunteers hate black t-shirts, another third only want black t-shirts, and the rest do not care about the t-shirt fabric color. Choose shirt colors as you dare! 

T-shirt fabric colors depend on what’s available, quality, and what the fundraising committee and the printer decide to use. For reference, here is a color palette offered for a previous fund drive shirt:https://www.nextlevelapparel.com/mens-cotton-crew-7336.html

Heather style fabric is not accepted due to not being 100% cotton and not working well with ink color.