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Sydney Like Australia comes by to hold it down with Noah Page for his last two hours of radio in a crazy marathon where he was on the air for literally six hours in one day. Lyndon, producer of Prose and Cons and generally fun, great guy came by too. And although we couldn’t get him to do his impressions on the air, we got a lot of other great content out of him.

Arm pit hair: does it make you smellier? Does it not? Was that guy XXXTentacion or whatever, was he a terrible person? Was his music even worthwhile? IDK, LOL. Also, lots of other topics. Like all the milk-related ingredients in Yoo-Hoo that still don’t make it milk.

Look, we talked about things and played music. We didn’t do it like Anderson Hayes does, of course. But it was good. I think!


216 June 23rd, 2018

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