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Good morning and Welcome,

Thank you for tuning in this morning. Today on Of Gratitude and Prayers we celebrate that we have avoided the hard hitting power of Florence while continue to send out prayers to all those in her path. The damage caused by wind and flooding is tremendous, yet it is not over.

Down in Lumberton

There is a collective of folks already down in Lumberton helping those in need of services. They went down prior to the hurricane to provide early relief when it was needed. Their desire is to help provide supplies to the Lumbee, Penbrook, and Tuscarora as well as other indigenous folks down there.

Who is down there right now:

  • The River City Medic Collective working under the Interfaith Action “Climate Justice” (Non-Profit)
  • EcoRobenson
  • Robie Goings

Things they have identified as needs are:

  • Food
  • Tarps
  • Flashlights
  • Candles
  • Formula
  • Canned goods that are easy to open and do not require water to prepare
  • Water
  • Diapers and many other things identical to the list below.

Heading down today:

Fix Cain (Tuscarora), who is from the Lumberton area, is heading down this morning to deliver supplies and to set up more supply delivery / distribution areas. He writes:

RVA area people. If you wish to send supplies down with me to NC, you can meet me at my apartment close to the pipeline in old Manchester before 9AM.

Items Needed:

Food… especially food that does not require water to prepare… so canned foods and meals ready to eat… there is a boil water advisory and all available clean sources of water SHOULD be used for drinking. Please check dates of packages… nothing expired.

  • Water
  • First aid kits
  • hygiene products, preferably things in compact packages
  • feminine hygiene products
  • adult and baby diapers
  • baby formula
  • over the counter medications
  • candles
  • flashlights
  • toilet paper
  • cleaning products such as antibacterial dish washing detergent and bleach and antibacterial wipes
  • babywipes
  • batteries
  • small radios
  • can openers
  • currently approved clothing… rain gear, new underwear and new socks, new thermal underwear
  • New blankets
  • paper cups, paper plates, disposable utensils

Thank you for all you do.

Walk in Peace,
Tall Feathers

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132 September 15th, 2018

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