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Ce matin au piano…

An instrument with universal appeal, there are many French artists who’ve made a name for themselves at the piano.

Enjoy this mix of music with a spotlight on piano, both melancholy and upbeat!
Today’s news from France, mentioned on the show:

Gilets jaunes (yellow vests) and Stylos Rouges (red pens) speaking out about President Emmanuel Macron’s policies and education reform, respectively. Demonstrations are a common part of the French experience, and some of these protests have been going on for 12 weeks.

Mardi Gras is already in full swing in France. Throngs of costumed, umbrella-carrying partygoers celebrate in Dunkirk and Granville in northern France. It may not be New Orleans or Rio, given the frigid temps, but the tradition of a fishermen’s festival has evolved into a fête to rival those in the Americas.

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343 February 3rd, 2019

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