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Welcome to “Part 2” of the Lost Music Saloon’s ‘new music of 2019′ shows. Lot of good new music flowing out early this year (with still a few late-arriving 2018s mixed in), and I’ll bring you a couple hours worth tonight. I’ll also be giving away two tickets to go see The Steel Wheels perform in Charlottesville this coming Saturday – – so stay close to the radio & your phones!

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: Feb. 11, 2019: 5-7:00 p.m.: New Music, Pt. 2

Hayes Carll: Be There: What It Is
Kim Lenz: Wild Oak: Slowly Speeding
White Owl Red: Existential Frontiers: Existential Frontiers
Vandoliers: Troublemaker: Forever

The Rembrandts: Come to Californ-i-ya: Via Satellite
Jane Kramer: Waffle House Song: Valley of the Bones
Carolina Blue: I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me: I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me
J Wagner: Where The House Used To Sit: A New Story

Santana: In Search of Mona Lisa: In Search of Mona Lisa
Joshua Burnside: Ephrata: Ephrata
Deer Tick: White City: Mayonnaise
Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz: King of the Keelboat Men: Riverland

Melissa Ruth: Hey Mr. Bartender: Meteor
Boo Ray: Skin & Ink: Tennessee Alabama Fireworks
Pedro The Lion: Yellow Bike: Phoenix
Mark Chirico: Goin’ Home To Georgia: Now You Know

Adam Wakefield: Cheap Whiskey & Bad Cocaine: Gods & Ghosts
Rebecca Loebe: High School Movie: Give Up Your Ghosts
Lula Wiles: Nashville, Man: What Will We Do
Dillon Carmichael: It’s Simple: Hell On An Angel

TICKETS: The Steel Wheels Live @ The Jefferson in Charlottesville on Sat, Feb 16:
– Scrape Me Off the Ceiling: Wild As We Came Here
– Walk Away: No More Rain

The Pawn Shop Lifters: Whiskey Lane: Whiskey Lane
Sean McConnell: Here We Go: Secondhand Smoke
Joshua Ray Walker: Working Girl: Wish You Were Here
Robert C Sumner: Comin’ Around: Wasted Love Songs

Clare Means: Sidewalk Astronomer: Sidewalk Astronomy
Eric Jude: Black Crow: American Lament
The Walk-A-Bout: Things Are Looking Up: Things Are Looking Up EP
Terry Klein: Straw Hat: Tex

The Quaker City Night Hawks: Better In The Morning: QCNH
Jennifer Porter: On a Night Like This: These Years

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140 February 11th, 2019

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