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Commonwealth Of NotionsMay 27th, 2010


On tonight's episode, I will be playing new local music from The Riot Before, Ophelia, Battleflags, Brett Harris and many others. I will be keeping you up-to-date on all the great live music happening all throughout the end of this week through Memorial Day Weekend. Last, but not least, I am still rejoicing the return of the absolutely beloved Homemade Knives last evening. All of that and more. It's the Commonwealth of Notions.


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Amazing Ghost/I Getuppa/Face Job-Body Blow/2009

Phoenix/Armistice/Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix/2009

Hot Lava/Task Master/The Sad Cobras and Hot Lava Split 7"/2009

Cubscout and the Rhinoceros/Koopa/Greetings from Holly Street Park/2008

Battleflags/Siren Songs/Color Engine/2010

The Hot Damns/Hit and Run/And Justice for Ya'll/2008

Brett Harris/Mansfield/Man of Few Words/2010

The Lousiana Territory/Traces of Gold/Traces of Gold/2009

Sundials/Neighborhood Well/Names That Matter Most/2010

Homemade Knives/These Mice and These Flies and Ants/Industrial Parks EP/2005

Brownbird/Down to the River/The Devil Dancing/2010

Nathan Joyce/Now It Is Noon/Sick of Taking Pills EP/2008

Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat/Wear a Helmet/Live at Ipanema: Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat/2010

Orioles/New One/Live at Ipanema: Orioles/2009

Cole Sullivan/Lovely Premonition/Wide Eyes Demo/2009

Ophelia/Bakersfield, North Carolina/Demos/2010


Prabir/Goldrush/I'm A Mess (Thank You)/An Introduction to…/2010

Autocue/Vexing/Epilogue EP/2010

Seas/Valley of the Fevers/Now My Home is a Beech Tree/2010

Dynamic Truths/Bus Stop/Understanding is Overrated/2010

The Riot Before/Fists Buried Into Pockets->Threat Level Midnight/Fists Buried in Pockets/2008

Cinemasophia/Detailed Night/Fits and Cycles/2009

Bermuda Triangles/Leviathan/Reptilian Intervention/2010

Daft Punk/Digital Love/Discovery/2001

Swordplay/Text Messages/Cellars and Attics/2007

The Itchy Hearts/I Been Walkin'/Do Ya Best/2010

Wilco/Country Disappeared/Wilco (The Album)/2009

The Diamond Center/Bombay Beach/My Only Companion/2009

Ringfinger/Viking Funeral/Decimal/2009

Gull/Granite->One Ina Zanin/Bedouin Lover/2009

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    May 26th, 2010

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