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Hey folks! It's Greta B here taking you on a world tour of metal. We're starting in Scandinavia, than traveling through Poland and Australia before hitting the States and finally RICHMOND VA. If there's time  we'll check out some NO WAVE.

The podcast can be found here!

ISIS is breaking up. This is their last tour. In their honor, here's a couple songs from the SGNL 5 record.


ISIS- Divine Mother- SGNL 5



BARREN EARTH- Forlorn Waves – Curse of the Red River
Barren Earth is a Finnish progressive death metal band with a line-up consisting of former members of Amorphis  as well as current members of Swallow the Sun, Moonsorrow, Rytmihäiriö and Kreator.

FINNTROLL- Under Bergets Rot- Nifelvind
Although this band's from Finland, they sing in Swedish.


ULVER-Hymn 1- Of Wolf and Fear- Nattens madrigal (1996)
The third album from this very influential band, came out in 1996.

ISAHN – Austere-  After (2010)
The new album from former EMPEROR vocalist ISAHN. For fans of OPETH. Some pretty crazy fretless bass on there!

DARKTHRONE – Circle the Wagons- Circle the Wagons (2010)
Thrash metal with powermetal vocals! This album, their FOURTEENTH, is a departure from the seminal Black Metal the band is known for.


BATHORY-Through Blood By Thunder- Twilight of the Gods (1991)

AMON AMARTH-The Hero- Twilight of the Thunder God
In J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" Amon Amarth is Sindarin for Mount Doom.

NAGLFAR-And the World Shall Be Your Grave- Pariah (2005)
The name Naglfar is derived from Norse mythology; Naglfar is the ship made of dead men's nails that will carry the giants and forces of chaos across the sea to the battle of Ragnarök.



BEHEMOTH- Ov Fire and the Void-Evangelion (2009)
I am pleased to see that the  European bands generally don't curse, they're too intellectual for that.

"I son ov perdition from sheer nothingness transgressed unto the highest self – to utmost freedom to explore the starry nature ov my rage"


PORTAL- Larvae – Swarth (2009) At MDF and everybody's talking. The internet; "Portal is a terrible band that will truly make you feel terrible. " Lyrics are really intellectual, lots of latin.

Now, on to AMERICA!

BLACKBREATH (Seattle)- Eat The Witch- Heavy breathing (2010)
This whole album is batpoop insane.

XASTHUR (California)The Darkest Light- Portal Of Sorrow
"Portal of Sorrow" represents Scott Conner's termination of the Xasthur project

COBALT (Colorado)- Clean Well-Lighted Place- Gin (2009) There's so many swearies I'll have to play a near instrumental!

NACHTMYSTUIUM (Illinois)- Addicts- BlackMeddle II (2010) will be at Alleykatz with EyeHateGod

DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN(New Jersey)- FarewellMona Lisa- Option Paralysis

HOWL(Providence, RI)- Heavenless-Full of Hell

GWAR- Krosstika- War Party

SUICIDE- Frankie teardrop



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    May 30th, 2010

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