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From Black Moth Super Rainbow to Hank Williams, it's a grab bag mix.


It was Nice Meeting You           Marionette

They Live In The Meadow         Black Moth Super Rainbow

On The Swing          Lake

Seemingly              The Sea and Cake

Duct Tape              Leslie Moruza

Unreflected             Mazzy Star

I  Don't Get It         Cowboy Junkies

Graceland             Willie Nelson

Me and Bobby McGee      Kris Kristofferson

Hard Breaks                Alberta Cross

Cops and Robbers       Bo Diddley

Bowlegged Woman Knock Kneed Man  Bobby Rush

You Better Stop           Andrew Brown

Hellhound on My Trial      Robert  Johnson

Lucille                             BB King

La Conoczo                       Grupo Fantasmo

Bintang  mars                Koes  Bersaundra 

Uma Menina                Gogol Bordello

Seeing Things           Black Crowes

Once Is Enough         Lyle Lovett

Long Gone Daddy      Hank Williams

Run Run Run             Phonenix

Ready or Not Here I Come     Bob Donough  

I Got Six                   Grady Tate

Do The Circulation       

We Are the Men You'll Grow to Love Soon    Let's Wrestle

Pariwo                        Tony Allen

Wartef Jigen               Orchestre Orchestra de Banjul

Albert Green


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    May 30th, 2010

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