The Motherland Influence: May 30, 2010 5:00-7:00 PM presents:

The Motherland InfluenceThe Motherland Influence: May 30, 2010 5:00-7:00 PM

Welcome to The Motherland Influence from DJ Graybeard & DJ Daudi.

We hope you'll enjoy the selections we have for you this evening. You now may request songs, artists, genres…right here!

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Tracklist follows

1)Mose "Fan Fan" & Orchetsre Somo Somo (DRCongo)

"Hello Hello" (this program's theme song)

from the CD "Hello Hello"

Stern's Africa


2)Franco & T.P. O.K. Jazz (DRCongo)

"Cherie Bondowe"

from the CD "Mayaula Mayoni: Retro"

Glenn Music


3)Gnonnas Pedro (Benin)


from the CD "Agbadja"

Syllart Productions


4)Danialou Sagbohan (Benin)

"Tassi Srognin"

from the LP "A.V.A. Productions Presente Sagbohan Danialou"

A.V.A. Productions


5)Tony Sarfo & his Afrosibi Gang (Ghana)


from the LP "Little Angel"

PMA Records


6)Afrosound (Colombia)

"El Eco Y El Carretero"

from the CD "The Afrosound Of Colombia Volume 1" (2010)

Vampi Soul


7)Chano Poza (Cuba)


from the CD "Chano Pozo"

N.C.-Legends Of Cuban Music


8)Arsenio Rodriguez (Cuba)

"Dame Un Cachito Pa'huele"

from the CD "Arsenio Rodriguez"

N.C.- Legends Of Cuban Music


9)Benny More (Cuba)

"Pachito e Che"

from the CD "Benny More Con Perez Prado"

N.C-Legends Of Cuban Music


10)Miguel Castro (Cuba)

"Chan Chan"

from the CD "La Musica Cubana"


11)Mendes Brothers (Cabo Verde)

"Cabo Verde Nos Paraiso"

from the CD "The Gate Of Return 1"


12)Orquesta Revolucion 70 (USA)

"Yo Soy La Rumba"

from the CD "Revolucion En N.Y." 2010

West Side


13)Yumuri Y Sus Hermanos (Cuba)


from the CD "Cubanocubano" 2009

BIS Music


14)Lyns Marie & Generation Zangul (Congo)

"V.N.P.: Timola!"

from the CD "Prem1um"

Cyriaque Bassoka


15)Orchestre Du Bawobab (Senegal)

"Baila Mi Ente"

from the LP "Orchestre Du Bawobab Vol.2"

Production Baobab/Music Afrique


16)Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis (Guinea)

"La Bicycleta"

from the CD "Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis: The Syliphone Years" 2009



17)Charlotte Mbango (Cameroon)

"Yoma Yoma"

from the LP "Nostalgie"

Tougata Productions


18)Paolo Flores (Angola)

"O Que E Que Fica"

from the CD "Perto Do Fim"



19)Konono No. 1 (D.R. Congo)


from the CD "Africa 100"


20)Verckys (D.R. Congo)

"Mwana Mburu 002"

from the CD "African Pearls: Pont Sur Le Congo"



21)Gorom (Senegal)

"Ayaye Bimbam"

from the CD "Afrcan Pearls: Echo Musical"



22)Bako Dagnon (Mali)

"Le Guide de la Revolution"

from the CD "Sidiba"


DJ GrayBeard


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    May 30th, 2010

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