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Mother’s Milk Rocks Rocks!

(well, powder, predominantly, but a little bit of rock) Tonight begins Drug Month on Mother's Milk.  We'll be taking a break from the constant booze, and focusing on a different alternative to alcoholism each week.  This week, the word for the day is cocaine!  C-O-C-A-I-N-E – can you say cocaine, kids?  Bolivian Marching Powder?  Yeah, that stuff.  All the songs tonight are about coke in some form (okay, there are two about meth, but still, it's an upper, right?)

Thanks for tuning in.  As always, the setlist is available at and I'd love it if you left a comment here or there, to let me know how you dug the show.  

UPDATE:  The podcast is up!  Click here to download it and re-live the glory at your leisure…

Josh Sturgill


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    June 7th, 2010

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