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I finally bought LCD Soundsystem's new album "This is Happening" and I've had fun figuring out what bands/songs the different tracks remind me of.  So I thought I'd share that fun with you tonight.  Expect several LCD tracks, some Iggy, Bowie, Normal, and maybe The Cars.  Although I already played the Eno-related track two weeks ago, I may toss in some other Eno tonight, too.  So tune in 9-11 PM!

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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

GWAR – Sick of You  [Sat. @ Bonnaroo, Wed. @ Nat'l]
Heks Orkest – I've Been Waiting  [Sun. @ Gallery 5]
White Cross – Pink Flamingos  [Sun. @ Banditos]
Point Blank – Thrashenstein  [Sun. @ Banditos]

LCD Soundsystem – One Touch  [new]
The Normal – T.V.O.D.

LCD Soundsystem – All I Want  [new]
David Bowie – Heroes

LCD Soundsystem – Somebody's Calling Me  [new]
Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing

The Cars – Double Life
LCD Soundsystem – You Wanted a Hit  [new]
Brian Eno – Baby's on Fire

Hanzel und Gretyl – Ich Bin Uber Alles
Kraftwerk – Numbers
Hanzel und Gretyl – Mein Kommandant

Peaches – Search and Destroy
Devo – Mongoloid
Blur – Girls and Boys
Duran Duran (!) – Planet Earth

The B-52s – Good Stuff
Wire – Map Ref. 41 degrees N 93 degrees W

Fatboy Slim – Going Out of my Head
Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem Pour un Con



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    June 11th, 2010

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