News/Talk Highlights for Friday, June 25 presents:

News/Talk Highlights for Friday, June 25


The Rainbow Minute
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Allen Ginsberg, at the Inn
Hidden Histories
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Selected Shorts
Special Program Note!
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Wordy Birds with Liz Humes
(Locally produced for WRIR)
 Jenny Hollowell
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Zero Hour with Tim Bowring
(Locally produced for WRIR)
 Vaughn Garland
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Sound Opinions
Chrissie Hynde
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Talk of the Nation, Science Friday
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The Rainbow Minute (8:59, 12:29, 4:29)
"Allen Ginsberg, at the Inn" – (read by Tom Miller)
Hidden Histories (9:01)
Selected Shorts (10:00)
Note:  Starting in July, Selected Shorts will be replaced by The State We’re In
Child’s Eye View
– "Charles," by Shirley Jackson, performed by Lois Smith
– "Pride and Joy," by Etgar Keret, performed by Robert Sean Leonard
– "Blue Waltz with Coyotes," by Jeanne Dixon, performed by Mia Dillon
– "Boys," by Rick Moody, performed by BD Wong
Wordy Birds (12:00)
Liz Humes interviews Jenny Hollowell, author of  "Everything Lovely, Effortless, Safe"
Zero Hour (12:30)
 Tim Bowring chats with Vaughn Garland about "media art"
Sound Opinions (1:00)
Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders joins Jim and Greg in the studio to debut her new project JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys. Later, Jim and Greg review big summer releases from pop star Christina Aguilera and rapper Drake.
Talk of the Nation, Science Friday (2:00)
Hour 1
– A relative for “Lucy” the Australopithecus afarensis
– How to build a lung
– Touch-centered descriptors and how you experience the world
Hour 2
– Medicare payments to doctors
– Medical marijuana
– A geek update from last week
The Progressive Radio Show (4:30)
Today:  Si Kahn and Donna Red Wing

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    June 25th, 2010

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