Happy ?? Fourth of July presents:

InterTribalHappy ?? Fourth of July

Welcome to Your Saturday Morning;

Happy Fourth of July. (?????)

The question marks stand for the fact that not all people living here find reason to celebrate. To some the idea of fireworks and celebration of the atrocities of the European invasion is truly a time for mourning.

I had the chance to meet Robert, Kathy and many others at Canyon Records. Canyon Records is one of the last real labels left dedicated to the Native American Musical Artist.

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So sit back and enjoy our weekend, our independence day weekend.

It is good to be back. I had a great time in Arizona. Thank  you Talia for subbing the show last weekend.

Walk in Peace,

Tall Feathers

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Below is the picture taken out in Tucson at the La Encantada of Amber Norgaard and her band. The Drummer is no other than Will Clipman – World Renouned Percussionist and House Percussionist at Canyon Records.

Norgaard Band

Today I am introducing you to Amber Norgaard. She is not of Native Blood, however, she has the desire to walk in Balance with Mother Earth and her music reflects the message. I will bring her music to you once in a while, Today is that day. I am playing Rising off of her last CD. She does have a new one out which I will bring later on this month. I had the pleasure of meeting Amber in Tucson as well as meeting Will Clipman. Will Clipman has played with just about every major Native Musical artist that Canyon Records has recorded as well as other native artists  I hope you enjoy the show.

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Tall Feathers


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    July 2nd, 2010

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