Crime and consequences presents:

Chapter And VerseCrime and consequences

Today's overall theme is Crime (temptation, crime, courts, punshment, freedom).


Thanks to Gene for filling in last week. 

"Crossfire"                                             (1947)

Langue D'Amour                                Laurie Anderson

The Perfect Crime    #2                    The Decembrists

Victim of the Crime                             Phoenix

Not A Crime                                       Gogolo Bordello

"The Big Combo"                             (1955)

I Feel Free                                        Cream

I'm So Free                                      Lou Reed

Just Keep Me Moving                   KD Lang

I could Rob You                            The Plasticines


Freedom                                         Jimi Hendrix

Keep On Rockin In the Free World    Neil Young

The Killing Moon                                   Nouvelle Vague


Murder By Numbers                        The Police

Murder In The First Degree             St. Louis Jimmy

Murdering Stravinsky                      Janis Ian

Humphrey's County Jail                Mayhem String Band


In The Court of the Crimson King   King Crimson

Been Caught Stealing                        Richard Cheese

Rhymin And Stealin                              Beastie Boys


One Piece At A  Time                       Johnny Cash

Folsom Prison Blues                       Pete Rock Remix (Johnny Cash)

Sunset Boulevard  Opening Theme* (1950)

None Shall Escape The Judgement          Mad Lib  

Prison                                               Maia Bank
Prison Girls                                   Neko Case

Helter Skelter                                 U2

Cops And Robbers                     Bo Diddley






Albert Green


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    August 22nd, 2010

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