Happy Bank Holiday presents:

The British BreakfastHappy Bank Holiday

A bank holiday is a public holiday in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. There is no automatic right to time off on these days, although the majority of the population not employed in essential services (e.g. utilities, fire, ambulance, police, health-care, public transport workers) receive them as holidays; those employed in essential services usually receive extra pay for working on these days. The first official bank holidays were the four days named in the Bank Holidays Act 1871, but today the term is colloquially used for public holidays which are not officially bank holidays, for example Good Friday and Christmas Day. Large supermarkets are usually closed entirely on the Sunday before a Monday Bank Holiday, but open on the Saturday and the Monday itself. (WIKIPEDIA)

Now onto The Music

Set 1

Vyolette "Golden Hair" 2010 unsigned
Tigercats "Easter Island" 2010 Haircut Records
Ruby Ann Patterson "The Heartbreak Game" 2010 unsigned

Anita Maj "Out of Control" 2010 self released

Set 2

Gervase "Pepper Grind" 1968 Past & Present
Stornaway "I Saw You Blink" 2010 4AD
High Llamas "Giddy and Gay" 1993 V2

Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring "The Coming of Spring" 2009 unsigned
Starsailor "Get Out While You Can" 2006 EMI

Set 3

Manic Street Preachers "I'm Leaving You For Solitude" 2010 (preview of new release)
The Hollies "I'm Alive" 1964 Parlaphone

Bill Kenwright and The Runaways "I Want To Go Back There Again" 1967 Past & Present
Heaven 17 "Let Me Go" 1982 Disky

XTC "Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen" 1990 Geffen

Set 4

Echo and The Bunnymen "The Cutter" 1985 Sire
Leisurama "Johny Johny" 2010 unsigned

The Yardbirds "Heart Full Of Soul" 1965 Phillips

The Wedding Present "Suck" 1991 Manifesto
Mike Raynar and the Condors "Turn Your Head" 1967 Past & Present

Set 5

Astroman "Rifzilla" 2010 unsigned
Kula Shaker "Hey Dude" 1996 K

The Comsat Angels "What Else!?" 1982 Fiction

The Godfathers "She Gives The Love" 1988 Sony
Supergrass "Za" 2002 Island




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    August 28th, 2010

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