Party of One: Dirty Chucks and Ratty Jeans presents:

A Party Of OneParty of One: Dirty Chucks and Ratty Jeans

Just some good ol' Rock & Roll tonight.


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Asie Payton – Asie's Jam
The Animals – Bring it on home to me
Mamie Van Doren – The Girl who invented Rock & Roll
Screamin' Jay Hawkins – Constipation Blues
Muddy Waters – I'm a Man (Mannish Boy)
Jimi Hendrix – Jelly 242
R.L. Burnside – Walkin' Blues
Bo Diddley – Say Bossman
Southern Culture on the Skids – White Trash
Steve Martin – How to meet a girl
Ween – Little Birdy
The Shades, LTD – Fragile Fruit
Southern Culture on the Skids – Camel Walk
The Changing Times – Keeper of Souls
The Black Keys – Howlin' For You
Jimi & Me – Party of One Theme
David Bowie – Drive-in Saturday
Lemonheads – Bit Part
The Replacements – Bastards of Young
Elvis Hitler – The Battle Cry of 1000 Men
Nirvana – School
Nirvana – Love Buzz
Juliana Hatfield – You Blues
Veruca Salt – Seether
Breeders – Oh!
Built to spill – Made-up dreams
PJ Harvey – Telco
The Ramones – Do you wanna dance?
Scratch Acid – She Said
Modern Lovers – She Cracked
Diamond Nights – Saturday Fantastic
Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots
Muppets Closing Theme – Thanks for listening!!



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    August 31st, 2010

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