Lotus Land: Fontaine filling in for Michael Miracle presents:

The Lotus Land ShowLotus Land: Fontaine filling in for Michael Miracle

Fontaine here today filling in for Michael Miracle on The Lotus Land Show.  I'll try to play music similar to what you normally hear this time of week (Yma Sumac, Ventures, Brownco Pick of the Week, etc.)  Plus I'll do a mini-feature on Kid Congo Powers (Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave + Bad Seeds, Congo Norvell) since he's playing at Banditos tonight.

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Proto Paramour – Lotus Land Theme (Come On)

The Cure – A Forest
Southern Culture on the Skids – Smiley Yeah Yeah Yeah
The Blasters – I'm Shakin'

Blondie – Attack of the Giant Ants
The Dickies – Attack of the Mole Men

Siouxsie + Banshees – Dear Prudence
Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage!
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is Playing at my House

Negativland – The Answer Is…
The Ventures – Hawaii Five-O
Agent Orange – Everything Turns Gray

Splork! – Let Me Out
The Way of the Sun – Domo Arigotnoidea
RPG – True White Star
The Gaskets – The Easy Life [R.I.P. Ross Harman]

Jet Trash – Algae Water
Mojo Nixon + Skid Roper – The Amazing Bigfoot Diet

Brownco Pick of the Week:  Avail – Nickel Bridge
Circle Jerks – Coup d'Etat
L7 – Off the Wagon
Prodigy – Fuel My Fire  [L7 cover]

Yma Sumac – Najala's Lament

Kid Congo Powers bands:
The Cramps – New Kind of Kick
The Gun Club – Eternally is Here
Nick Cave & Bad Seeds – The Ship Song
Congo Norvell – Thief

Slapp Happy – Everybody's Slimmin'
Monster Magnet – Twin Earth

Penn Jillette – Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts
Tom Waits – Hang on St. Christopher
The Beat Farmers – Happy Boy

Propellerheads – History Repeating (featuring Shirley Bassey)



Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    September 15th, 2010

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