Happy Birthday John 70 years young presents:

The British BreakfastHappy Birthday John 70 years young

1.  John Lennon "How Do You Sleep" Capitol

2.  Periscope "Here Comes Jack The World" 2010 self released (London)

3.  Hollywood Tramp "Orthadox Paradox" 2010 unsigned (London)


1.  The Cribs "City of Bugs" 2009 WB (Yorkshire)

2.  OMD "Sailing On the Seven SEas" 1991 Virgin (Liverpool)

3.  Gary Numan "Moral" 1981 Atco

4.  The Miserable Rich "Hungover" 2010 Humble Soul (Brighton)


1.  Inspiral Carpets with Mark E. Smith "I Want You" 1994 Mute (Manchester)

2.  Cinema Red and Blue "Ghost Confessions" 2010 What's Your Rupture? (Brooklyn, London)

3.  Echobelly "King of the Kerb" 1995 550 Music/Epic (London)

4.  Doll and The Kicks "The First Time" 2010 unsigned (Brighton)

1.  Loomer "Death of a Disco Dancer"  2010 24 Hour Service Station (Detroit)

2.  Catatonia "Road Rage" 1998 WB (Wales)

3.  Stealing Sheep "I Used To Learn of Him" 2010 REd Deer Club (Liverpool)

4.  The Real Tuesday Weld "Bathtime In Clerkrnwell" 2004 Six DEgrees (London)


1.  Jonny Cola and The A Grades "The Party's Over" 2010 self-released (London)

2.  The Clientele "Everybody's Gone" 2003 Merge (London)

3.  Ed Harcourt "Let Love Not Weigh Me Down" 2004 Heavenly/EMI (East Essex)

4.  Suicide Party "Ultra-Violence" 2010 unsigned (London)


1. Nouvelle Vague "Teenage Kicks" 2004 Discograph (France)

2.  Pilotlight "Afraid of Heights" 2010 Glasstone (Dublin/London)

3.  EMF "Blue Highs" 1992 Gold Rush (Gloucestshire)

4.  Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves "Tonight" 2003 (Yorkshire)






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    October 9th, 2010

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