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Good morning! 

Thanks for Big Em for filling in last week. 

Next week I'll have a more appropriate Halloween mix. 

Let There Be More Light                Pink Floyd

Palenk                                             Bomba Estereo

Marching The Hate Machines   Thievery Corporation

Shady Lane/J v S                          Pavement


Holiday In The Sun                    Opium Jukebox
Powerhouse                              Andrew McGraw

Heretofore                                    Megafaun

Driving                                          Setting Sun

The Ocean Drinks The Sun          Homemade Knives


Only an Expert                             Laurie Anderson

Beautiful People                        The Books

Mojo Pin                                      Jeff Buckley


Spidereggs                               Elfpower

Man Named Truth                    Monsters of Folk

Ain't No Cane/I Will Rise Up     Lyle Lovett

Abducted                                       Y La Bamba


Sink/Let It Sway                         Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Loser                                          Plasticines

Liztsomania                            Phoenix

Haus am See                         Peter Fox


Group Autogenics                The Books

I Like I                                      Messer Fur Frau Muller

The Killing Moon               Nouvelle Vague

Here Sometimes                Blonde Redhead



Shwarz zu blau                   Peter Fox

Goodtime Girl                     10ft Ganga Plant

Budos Dirge                    Budos Band

Che Che   Cole              Willie Colon





Albert Green


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    October 10th, 2010

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