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Onward, Ever Onward, Comrades!


I just finished an awesome (musically, anyway) edition of The Man In the Grey Flannel Suit Show, and I'd like nothing more than to go home and crack open a beer, down a shot of Beam, and listen to Mother's Milk.  Unfortunately, I do Mother's Milk, so I'm pressing on through another two hours of awesome radio, serving up intoxicating audio until 3 AM.  We are in it for the long haul, ladies and gentlemen… drink one for me, I'm workin' till three!

UPDATE:  Well, now!  That was  might fine time.  If you missed it, and you want to have a mighty-fine time too, click here to download the show from Radio4All.net – thanks for listening!  If you enjoyed the show, and want to hear more, every Mother's Milk since December of 2009 is available for download here

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Josh Sturgill


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    October 18th, 2010

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