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I hate having to ask for help….but I need it.

Without your support, without your donation to the radio station, my show wouldn't exist. You see without WRIR, I wouldn't have a radio show and you wouldn't have a friend compiling two hours of extra special programming week in and week out. As a DJ on a community station, I don't get paid. I do this show because I love it and as a record nerd, I love the challenge each week and all the new things I learn every time I start working on the next theme. However it takes money to keep a community station going, to keep our lights on, and to keep our gear in working order so people like me have a working mic to talk into and record players to use.

Tonight's show will be a greatest hits type deal. From 7PM to 9PM I will be playing 3 or 4 tracks from my most popular shows from the past two years and I will be able to talk a little about what shows I am working on for the new year. There is some really exciting stuff in the works and I am so honored that WRIR is the place my show gets to call home.

Also a first for the show, a listener is offering a challenge.

A WRIR supporter will match any student donation made during Cause & Effect, up to $100. A student donation is $20 paid in person with a student ID. The person gets a t-shirt from a previous fund drive. If 5 students come to the station with their donations between 7-9 pm on Thursday, she will match their donations. Th…e Cause is WRIR and the Effect is doubling a student's donation! THANK YOU KIND LISTENER EMILY!

And for those of you who live in Richmond and stop by the station tonight, you will also be fed by the culinary wizards at Millie's.

Stop by the station at 1621-B West Broad St. (near the post office)and say hello. Then eat. And donate because we can't do it without you!

And if you ever wanted to know where my DJ name came from….here ya go. One of my favorite songs of all time!


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    November 4th, 2010

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