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The Sabre and the Rose                 Kris Kristofferson\

Oh Sweet Nuthin'                              Velvet Underground

Cry Cry Baby                               Nina  Nastasia

Scout                                              Calexico


Apply                                             Glasser

Cornflake Girl                            Tori Amos

Stone in My Shoe                        Animal Logic

Euro-Trash Girl                          Cracker


Inquiring Minds                           Hammel on Trial

Everywhere in Chains                Amy Martin

Glory Goes                               "Bonnie" Prince  Billy

Not The Kid                                Communist Daughter


Xmas Blues                           Big Tyme

Happy Home                          Paula Cole

Home                                     Glasser

Violet                                Jeremy Messersmith

Brighter Day                           Jellyfish


Bottom Feeder                       Here We Go Magic

Lump Sum                           Bon Iver

Every You Every Me               Placebo

Hope for Us                              Jealous Sound

Sidewalk                               Built To Spill


Everyone is an Alien                David   Max

The Answer                             Monday Machines

My Plants are Dead                  Blonde Redhead



Albert Green


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    December 12th, 2010

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