News/Talk Highlights for Friday, January 14 presents:

News/Talk Highlights for Friday, January 14

The Rainbow Minute
(Locally produced for WRIR)
The Village People’s
“Macho Man”
Studio 360
Garry Trudeau and 40
years of “Doonesbury”
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The State We’re In
The Right Fight
Hidden Histories
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Why are conservtives now
honoring Martin Luther King?
Wordy Birds with Liz Humes
(Locally produced for WRIR)

Zero Hour with Tim Bowring
(Locally produced for WRIR)

Sound Opinions
The business of hip-hop
Talk of the Nation
Improving our electric grid and
What exactly is a 4G network
and more…
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The Rainbow Minute (8:59, 12:29, 4:29)
Today:  "Macho Man" – Noah Scalin
Studio 360 (9:00)
– Novelist Walter Kirn — making sense of the Arizona tragedy
– Garry Trudeau looks back on 40 years of “Doonesbury”
– Comedian Reggie Watts explains the nature of the universe
– Aha moment by Antony Hegarty
The State We’re In (10:00)
Today:  “The Right Fight”  
Previously aired stories that reflect the spirit of Martin Luther King Day
Hidden Histories (10:01)
 Today:  Even though conservatives have finally decided to start honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., excerpts from his speeches indicate he wouldn't be pleased with these new friends.
Wordy Birds with Liz Humes(12:00)
Zero Hour with Tim Bowring(12:30)
Sound Opinions (1:00)
Today:  Hosts Jim and Greg discuss the business of hip-hop with Dan Charnas, author of The Big Payback.
Talk of the Nation, Science Friday (2:00)
– Author Lauren Redniss talks about her book “Radioactive”
– The Earth’s magnetic field, what causes it and why is it shifting?
– How to make our national electric grid better
– What is a 4G network and how does it measure up?
– Tracking carbon through your gut and beyond
– Social network identity splintering – how much is too much?
The Progressive Radio Show (4:30)
Today:  Ofelia Rivas, an elder and an activist of the Tohono O’odham, the tribe on the border of Arizona and Mexico.

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    January 14th, 2011

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