RCL: Fontaine with special guest Cam DiNunzio (Denali, Heks Orkest) presents:

River City LimitsRCL: Fontaine with special guest Cam DiNunzio (Denali, Heks Orkest)

Fontaine here 5-7pmEST today to bring you music from Richmond bands past and present.  Cam DiNunzio joins me to talk & play some of his faves.  But first I'll play songs by Bryan Harvey (annual tribute), bands playing Heart Of Winter Fest Feb. 11th, & bands of people I saw last night.

Heks Orkest 12-8-10

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Bryan Harvey set (R.I.P. five years ago):
The Dads – Imagination
House of Freaks – Meet Your Heroes
House of Freaks – Rocking Chair
Gutterball – Sugar Fix

King Sour – Garden Weasel
Car Bomb Inc.  – Lockdown
Venus Throw – Twelve Glass Soldiers

Druglord – Misery Feeder  [playing Heart Of Winter Fest Feb. 11th]
Parasytic – Prophecies  [playing Heart Of Winter Fest Feb. 11th]

Point Blank – Thrashenstein
Imperial Order – Fire Cage

Ed Trask set:
Math – Another 30 Second Punk Rock Song
Holy Rollers – Gold
Smalltown Superstar – September 2
Kepone – Knifethrower

Avail – Scuffletown

Honor Role – Listening to Sally

Heks Orkest – Endless Scroll for Player Piano
RPG – Nazi Mindreader
(Young) Pioneers – Pioneers Workers Pact
Sparklehorse – Happy Man

Seymores –  Sicker Than You
Damn Near Red – Reunion

Dark Little Rooms – Colder Before It's Warmer
Denali – Church Hill Bricks (demo)

Broken Hips – Fire
Paul Ivey – Skinless
Ki: Theory – No One Gets Hurt



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    January 29th, 2011

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