Can’t Stop the Music Sunday 01-30-11 9-11pm presents:

Can’t Stop The MusicCan’t Stop the Music Sunday 01-30-11 9-11pm

CSTM will certainly be on a roll this week with Ward T. of Chop Suey Books calling in at 9:30pm from somewhere in America as he motors with home searching for books, bumperstickers, food & parking.  We hope Ward's field reports can continue throughout his seven month trip.

Of course, we'll start with COVERS, play some TRAVELING TUNES, & enjoy DAVID FRYE, who died this week – impersonator of giants, and of R.M. Nixon.

Click READ MORE for the PLAYLIST as we go.  Smooch, P Swann

You can follow Ward's travels in detail right here

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    January 30th, 2011

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