Can’t Stop the Music Sunday 3-13-11 9-11pm presents:

Can’t Stop The MusicCan’t Stop the Music Sunday 3-13-11 9-11pm

CSTM salutes the GREAT ATOMIC POWER this week and keeps our thoughts with those affected by earthquake, fire and water throughout Japan.  Safety and peace to all.

Know where this nuclear power plant is?  You're right … it's the Surry Power Station in Surry County, Virginia along the James River, about 60 miles from WRIR, which is about as far away as the North Anna Power Station is.  The two produce about one-third of the electricity generated in Virginia.  One-third … that's about the same portion of electricity generated by nuclear plants in Japan.  As Harry Shearer, host of LeShow (airing Mondays 10-11am right here on WRIR) says … "clean, safe, too cheap to meter".

Click READ MORE for links to more information about nuclear power in our state and, of course, the PLAYLIST posted as we go.

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Wondering about nuclear preparedness in our region?  Dominion Resources offers these resources

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    March 13th, 2011

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