And the party continues… presents:

And the party continues…

It's been a long night, folks...

… yep, it's still me.  Hope you're good n' soused.  I have some decent music lined up.  There's a little repetition of artists, as when I was putting together music for the Man In the Gray Flannel Suit Show, I ran into some songs I hadn't played/hadn't played in a while here on Mother's Milk, but I promise, I wouldn't REPEAT an artist in a four-hour window unless all the songs were WORTHY of that kind of attention.  So you'll have fun.  Thanks for listening, and keep drinking along at home!

UPDATE:  The show kicked ass.  And was all OVER the place.  Nice mix of classics and brand new shit.  If you missed it, it's okay, you don't have to cry in your beer:  just click here to go download it from  And, as always, if you use Facebook and were not aware that Mother's Milk had a Facebook page: We DO.  So now you know.  And you can click here to check it out.  It'd be awesome if you "Liked" it.  I only PROBABLY want you to want me, but I definitely, 100%, want you to like the Mother's Milk Facebook page.

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Josh Sturgill


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    April 11th, 2011

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