News/Talk Highlights for May 2, 2011 presents:

News/Talk Highlights for May 2, 2011


Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman 8:00  The death of Osama bin Laden
Rainbow Minute
(locally produced for WRIR)
Celebrating Asian-Pacific American
Living On Earth 9:00
Sustainable city gardening
…and much more
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Le Show with Harry Shearer
 Focus on "Liars Loans"
Hidden Histories

(locally produced for WRIR)
10:01  May Day and the 8 hour work day
Tell Me More with Michele Martin
Defenders Live

(locally produced for WRIR)
Homespun CSPAN

(locally produced for WRIR)
12:30  May Day Special
WRIR Favorites: Radio Lab
Talk of the Nation
 The operation to kill
Osama bin Laden… and more!
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Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman (8:00)
The Rainbow Minute  (8:59, 12:29, 4:29)
Today:  "Celebrating Asian-Pacific American" – read by Elaine Summerfield
Living On Earth  (9:00)
– China adopts cap-and-trade to curb CO2
– LOE Lookback:  It's all happening at the zoo
– Sustainable city gardening
– The Indonesia mega rice disaster
Le Show with Harry Shearer (10:00)
Hidden Histories (10:01)
 Today:  The Chicago Haymarket Riot of 1886 and its relation to the 8 hour work day — part 1  (part 2 tomorrow)

Tell Me More with Michele Martin (11:00)

Defenders Live with Ana Edwards (12:00)
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Homespun CSPAN (12:30)
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WRIR Curated Favorites (1:00)
Today:  The
Talk of the Nation with Neil Conan (2:00)
– A look at the operation to kill Osama bin Laden
– The changing roles of the national security community
– Families of 9/11 react to the news of the death of Osama bin Laden
Voices of our World from Maryknoll (4:00)

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    May 2nd, 2011

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